6 weeks of Ventuz, Ventuz *uhm* and not to forget Ventuz (OK and a lot of unhealthy food and coffein)
This was my first work with Ventuz (learning in a Job) and the start of my Job as realtime designer for effex-medienproduktion.
I create some projects for mediafoor on the Best of Event exhibition in Dortmund 2010
My first Job with multitoch, Radartouch, realtine Stereskopic view,  and Ventuz.

It may sounds strange but I like this stressy, messy work. I like the challenge and the pressure even when I hate it in the situation. Put it in a nutshell: WE DID IT! We rocked the fair with our presentation :-)

I am really proud of the result: A presentation on stage with a 106 inch TV (or 108 inch I'm not sure the only thing I know is that I want this at home!) and 2 radarTouch Systems with a laserscanner control. Beside this main presentation we had 2 touchscreen terminals, a solution on 3 monitors and a stereo 3D presentation (with a polarizing filter like cinema) which was controlled by an touchscreen terminal as well. I was so impressed to see my work in this dimensions!
A fantastic start to a new Job as realtime Designer and vfx-supervisor for effex.
Thanks for all the people from mediafloor ( EFFEX, Vour Visions, On-Airt, Twenty One Media (21m), and Eyerock Media ) and Christian from CK-media :-)
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