I had a pirate shooting with the incredible Lolly o'Diamond. It was such a great day *arrrr*
I think there is a little pirate in all of us :-)


Model: Lolly o Diamond
Photo and CGI: me
Location: My studio (Greenscreen)
Software: Adobe Photoshop CS2, Aftereffects CS3 (with keylight) and MAXON Cinema 4D XL 10
Shooting: 2008
PictureID: LostPirat V2
Greenscreen RAW
Greenscreen Error :-)
Stupid photoraper... Don't forget to move your fingers out of the picture before you push the releaser of the camera :-)
Don't vorget yor garbage mask, but I like the surreal 2 Picture-layer look (Studio-Picture/compositing)
Walk the plank - or: World shortest catwalk :-)
Photo as refference for a digi-paint....
digi-paint in Photoshop CS2 and  MyPaint...
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